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About Digestive Health Clinics

Digestive Health Clinics holds the Licence to expand to 5 locations offering Digestive Health to people in need of improving GUT function accompanied by mental stability.
The Brain-gut connection allows people to explore the meaning of this collaboration between the physical signs and symptoms affecting negative stagnant thoughts and actions.
Chiropractors – work with Gut health to help set adjustments by getting rid of toxins and inflammation.
Weight loss and fat freezing treatments – The Elimination of toxins and fats are instant even in conjunction with cosmetic procedures focusing on fat loss. Elimination is key and not to store the fat. Moving through aids in successful results a lot quicker.
Cosmetic surgeons and Plastic surgeons - Procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentations – Colonics are a great assistance for post or pre surgical needs in lowering, inflammation and fluid retention, to speed up the healing process.
DHC attracts other practitioner modalities to refer to colonics. A partnership working with Gut Health.
Conception and IVF – An increase of oestrogen is stored in faecal matter and increases constipation and gas. Colonics aids in balancing the hormones to enable the need for conception. The liver has 500 functions one of the functions is to regulate hormones. The colonic treatments also stimulate liver function through-out the elimination process of each treatment.
Fatty Liver – A referral from your GP for colonic treatments makes this most distressing diagnosis a lot easier to correct within 6 treatments and have the liver count back to normal.
Psychologists - treat the emotional state but without the stability of the health within the organ system in lowering inflammation and stimulating endorphins the foundation is unstable. The assistance in working with the body to help create a positive environment will allow for longevity in psychological treatment protocols with individuals seeking help in anxiety and depression. You have to RESET the body in order to treat addictions with the physical and the emotional state.
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